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Asphalt Rejuvenation is an effective method of delaying these effects and rejuvenating the asphaltic binder.

Pavement Dressing Conditioner is a patented sealer consisting of a blend of coal tar and petroleum oils designed to penetrate the pavement surface to rejuvenate and rehabilitate the asphaltic binder. The product is sprayed on the surface with a customized applicator. Minimum surface preparation is involved. The treated surface can usually reopen within 24 hours of completion. Asphalt Rejuvenator will NOT crack, peel or delaminate and provides surface protection against fuel, oil and other contaminants with a uniform black finish.

Asphalt pavement experiences three stages of deterioration during its useful life.

  • Stage I: Surface color fades to gray as a result of oxidation and surface oils begin to evaporate.
  • Stage II: Fine line cracking occurs along with loss of “fines” (sand material) and the surface becomes brittle and rougher.
  • Stage III: Deterioration accelerates with extended cracking, increasing brittleness and reduced flexibility. Moisture and contaminates penetrate through cracks, further hastening deterioration from below the surface, especially in northern Ohio where wide variations in temperature and freeze - thaw cycles occur.

Special Features of Pavement Dressing Conditioner (PDC)

  • Reverses oxidation, the aging process of asphalt
  • No water in material - allows product to penetrate into and become part of the pavement
  • Expands and contracts with pavement
  • Will not crack like a typical seal coat – it absorbs INTO the pavement
  • Wears and ages uniformly; , because product is inside the asphalt, not just coated on the surface
  • Limited “downtime”. Can typically be open to traffic in 18-24 hours, depending upon weather.
  • 2- year unconditional performance warranty
  • Excellent skid-resistance
  • Can be used in combination with other maintenance procedures
  • Restores oxidized binding oils
  • Fuel-resistant and water resistant
  • Aesthetically pleasing – makes pavement look like new!

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